Foam Plus Co., Ltd.
Foam Plus Co., Ltd. is producing IXPP, IXPE, XPE foam and foam processing products.

Foam raw materials:
Applied in Packaging ǀ Adhesive foam tape ǀ Camping mats ǀ ESD packaging for Electronic accessories ǀ Transportation & gift boxes ǀ Grass shock pad ǀ Flooring underlayment ǀ Building & HVAC thermal insulation…

Foam processing:
Foam inserts ǀ Cushioning ǀ Converting | Swimming kick-board and pull buoy ǀ Laminating …

Plus service:
Out-sourcing items that client needs, save the human cost...
Operating projects locally that client needs, save the travelling cost, human cost…
In-time responsing
Team service
One-stop service to save cost
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